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5 Ways To Lower Your Commercial Air Conditioning Costs This Summer

5 Ways To Lower Your Commercial Air Conditioning Costs This Summer

5 Ways To Lower Your Commercial Air Conditioning Costs This Summer

Keeping employees and customers comfortable as summer temperatures roll in is a priority for businesses wishing to maximise the efficiency and profitability of their commercial properties.

Unfortunately, the cost of cooling an industrial premises can be high, as 40 % of operating costs can come from an internal heating and cooling system.

Luckily, there are five best practices for commercial properties to consider, thus lowering their carbon footprint, improving their Heating & Cooling Air Conditioning (HVAC) efficiency, and saving on power bills.

1: Replace Inefficient Air Conditioning Systems 

If your commercial HVAC systems are over ten years, replace them, or you might find signs of degradation and leaking. Continual repair costs will eventually surpass replacement costs.

Modern commercial systems are far more efficient than outdated systems and do more than just heat or cool your office space. They improve the indoor air quality, contributing to a happier, healthier and more productive work environment.

2: Invest in Building Insulation 

Investing in heat insulation for your floors, doors and ceilings, and installing energy-efficient windows can improve your HVAC performance and help maintain a comfortable indoor climate.

Well-insulated structures are capable of reducing energy output by 10 %. In summer, insulation helps retain cool air and prevents heat from entering a building, reducing internal temperatures and taking pressure off your commercial air conditioner.

3: Install A Thermostat 

Programmable thermostats are an excellent way of controlling energy efficiency in any building. Since industrial and commercial buildings maintain regular working hours, it is possible to take advantage of the benefits thermostats offer.

Installing a thermostat allows you to set a heating and cooling schedule so that you don’t have to add temperature control to your list of responsibilities throughout a working day.

Modern smart thermostats can be controlled via a smartphone, giving you control from inside and out of the office.

4: Maintenance On Internal Ductwork And Ventilation Systems 

Over time, the ducts within your commercial building can accumulate damage. Natural wear and tear, holes, gaps, loose fittings and electrical faults can occur. This results in a waste of conditioned air and skyrocketing power bills. Contracting an electrician for the maintenance and service of your ductwork is a guaranteed way to maximise your commercial HVAC efficiency.

5: Schedule Regular Maintenance 

Routine maintenance on your commercial HVAC system ensures professional and comprehensive upkeep of your system and all of its components. Identify any signs of damage or disrepair and parts that need cleaning and replacing before they result in extensive damage. The cost to repair and replace badly damaged units is very high and can result in workday disruptions.

A fully optimised commercial air conditioning system will ensure maximum performance and save on energy costs long-term.

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