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Health & Safety

Health and Safety Air Conditioning

The quality of the service we offer to clients is our main priority at Vartech Air Conditioning. A crucial component of our service quality is our complete commitment to health and safety.

In simple terms, this means ensuring proper health and safety standards are adhered to on all projects. We do this in a number of ways.

Health and Safety Policies and Procedures

Firstly, we have well-established and regularly reviewed health and safety policies and procedures in place. All members of our team are familiar with these policies and procedures and they are aware of their responsibilities.

Health and Safety Oversight

The management of health and safety at Vartech Air Conditioning takes place at the highest level. Our directors lead by example, setting the standards and ensuring those standards are adhered to.

Health and Safety Training

We also ensure each member of our team receives regular health and safety training. This includes training in areas like:

  • Safe working practices
  • Working at height (Site Safe Passport plus Height)
  • Basic first aid
  • Electrical Service Technician qualifications
  • Correct use of personal protective equipment
  • Correct refrigerant handling practices

Get in Touch

If you have a query about our internal health and safety policies, or about our procedures for ensuring our team adheres to the policies in your business, please contact us today on 0800247397.

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