Commercial and Industrial Air Conditioning

Commercial and Industrial Air Conditioning

Vartech Air performs large scale air conditioning projects to cater to our industrial and commercial clients. This includes cooling, heating, and ventilation services, along with the other services listed below. We always perform to the best of our ability with the aim to create lasting business relationships with our clients.

Our experienced team of Technicians and Electricians skillfully carry out a range of services which include:

  • Process and Comfort Air Conditioning
  • Ventilation
  • Air Filtration Systems
  • HVAC Control Systems
  • Heating Systems
  • Heat Recovery
  • Stairwell and Liftwell Pressurisation
  • Design and Build
  • Electrical
  • Preventative Maintenance

Why do you need Air Conditioning in your business?

The use of air conditioning, ventilation, and heating are important in all commercial and industrial buildings for the health, safety, and comfort of people working in those environments.

Many Commercial and Industrial buildings are large spaces that are subject to external temperatures and are not easily managed without proper installations. A number of these buildings also require proper ventilation for healthy circulation, which assists in cooling and allows access to clean air. We at Vartech Air Conditioning help Auckland businesses maintain a good standard of conditions by accurately installing and servicing all units to perform effectively, and according to Work Safe maintaining those conditions is a key to safety and efficiency.

“Recognising the signs of thermal discomfort or stress and raising concerns is important for both businesses and workers to manage health risks that come from working in an environment that is too hot or too cold. Workers and businesses need to be aware that there is a link between heat and fatigue, which leads to potential for more fatigue-related accidents” – Work Safe, News & Media, 2019

Why choose Vartech Air Conditioning?

Commercial and Industrial applications require trusted and high-quality products which we can provide knowledgeable advice on due to our 25+ years of experience working in this industry. In addition to the advice and installation, we can also lead the design and servicing of your complete Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Ventilation systems.

Get in touch with us for all listed services, or if you have any other questions let us know – We’ll be more than happy to help you out!

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