Residential Air Conditioning

For domestic clients, we specialise in the Installation and Servicing of Heat Pumps and other Ventilation systems to enhance the comfort in your homes. On a cold winter night, you will be pleased you decided to invest in a quality Heat Pump solution for your family. It will add value to your dwelling, making your environment safer, warmer, and drier for your family while reducing your overall heating spend in the future.

Heat Pumps are already recognised as the most efficient way of heating homes thereby reducing your overall heating spend, but our team will help you further optimise that efficiency to reduce your heating cost as much as possible. The efficiency can be improved by selecting the right model/system, by evaluating what size of Heat Pump is right for the space that you have, and by ensuring the unit is installed correctly to eliminate unwanted draughts. All these things can be addressed through the advice and services of the Vartech Air Conditioning team.

There are a number of products that are suitable for you and your family’s home. Information on these products can be found below, but please feel free to get in touch for any further information and for advice on the best possible option for your home.


This is the standard Heat Pump that you will see in a large number of homes.
The Condensing unit is mounted outside (in the least obtrusive location) while the indoor unit is installed high on the inside wall. These units are very quiet in operation and are available in different styles and sizes to meet your comfort and style. With new Filtration Technology, these units ensure clean air for your family.

Ducted Units

The Central Ducted Air Conditioning system spreads conditioned air throughout the whole house. The indoor unit is installed in the ceiling and like the Hi-Wall unit, the Condensing unit is installed outside, but unlike the Hi-Wall unit it has a presence in many rooms. Conditioned air travels through transfer ducts in the ceiling and into ceiling diffusers that are placed throughout the house.

Console Units

These are similar to the Hi-Wall units except that indoor units are either floor mounted or ceiling suspended.? Being ceiling suspended or floor mounted is convenient when wall space is an issue, for example, you may live in a home with a broad expanse of glass windows, making usable wall space minimal.

Cassette Air Conditioning Units

Cassette units are installed into the ceiling and sit almost flush with the ceiling making it more discreet. The air is distributed through the sides. Like others, there is also an outdoor unit, so it works much the same way as a Hi-Wall unit.


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